Do you have discounts available??

I do provide discounted shoots, occasionally! They'll be advertised on my Instagram and website when available.  I also provide discounts for bundled shoots (ie: engagement and wedding shoots, senior pictures and family shoots) Email me at for more info! 

How long in advance do I hav to book a shoot??

For me, this varies on the time of year.  A lot of photographers are seasonal.  Living in CA is a blessing, since we can work year round! That being said, summer months tend to be the busiest.  I recommend booking at least a month in advance for normal shoots, and as soon as possible for weddings. 

Can I meet you prior to a shoot/ before booking??

Absolutely! I provide free 30 minute consultations for anyone and everyone considering booking me, upon request. Note: this is reserved for locals in the San Francisco, and East Bay areas. I am available for FaceTime Consults when regarding destination shoots as well. 


Why are photographers so expensive??

I get this one a LOT! Not necessarily about my own prices, but just as a general question from friends booking photo shoots.  There are a fair share of people who charge too much in the photography world.  Check out my blog post on important questions to ask before booking a photographer! 

If I book a shoot with you do i get featured on your instagram??

I use Instagram as a way for potential new clients to get to know me, and past clients to keep up with my new projects. I can't guarantee I'll post you (because if I posted everyone I ever worked with we'd be blowin' up insta!) BUT you can definitely get featured on my Pinterest and website!

What are your prices?

My shoots start at $250, and can be customized from there. The BEST way to know exact pricing is to email me at  Tell me a little bit about what kind of shoot you're looking to do, and I'll be happy to quote you! :)