The Name

The most common question I receive is:

Why did you name your Photography Business South Parallel Photography?

Well let me explain… Sarah Peterson Photography sounded too boring and very generic. Sarah Lou Photography didn’t fully align with my style. I didn’t like that all photographers felt like they had to go by their first and last name. After all, it’s just as much a small business as your hip and cool local coffee shop…so why not act like it? I wanted a creative name that told a story. I also thought it would be cool to leave some amount of illusion to the business. No one would know if I was a female or male photographer, or what I looked like. This was my moment to have a Banksy effect on social media.

Growing up, I always considered California my home. Regardless of how many times we moved (and there were LOTS) the beautiful coastline of the west felt like it was mine. When thinking about which cities shaped me the most, the answer became abundantly clear. San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

The irony being these could not be more different cities…They PARALLEL each other and completely divide California.

When thinking about my photography business I felt like it really all started in the SOUTH. I was given so many unbelievable opportunities in Southern California. I wanted to acknowledge the success SoCal gave me, which is how I chose SOUTH PARALLEL. Coincidentally, SP also happened to be my initials which was the icing on the cake.

At first I was incredibly hesitant. Some part of me thought I’d lose my identity to this made up name and people wouldn’t get it. I put off changing the website and social media handles for about a year. I started running the idea past close friends. To my surprise, everyone LOVED it! Four years later and I’ve learned to love the name change. It tells a story of where my photography business flourished, yet remains fully ambiguous.