omg. hi.

Hey there, I’m Sarah!

Most days you can find me covered in sand, wearing torn up jeans and a flannel, somewhere along the gorgeous CA coastline.  I grew up in San Francisco (and recently JUST moved back), and lived in Los Angeles for the last five years.  Let it be known; I make a pretty good tour guide along the entire Pacific Coast!

I am mostly known for the fact that I’ve never stuck to one style of photography.  This all started for me in portraits and life events.  I then ventured into family sessions and senior pictures while living in Seattle. After deciding to make a spur of the moment move to LA, I tried out fashion photography...This catapulted me into commercial swimwear and fashion model shoots.  Now I’m currently at the age where all my friends are getting engaged, so I’ve been throwing myself back into couples’ shoots! (and loving it)

When I’m not busy working on shoots you can catch me: 

  • At my lake house in Montana, avoiding the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Playing with my yellow lab, Gus (or telling someone about Gus)
  • Blasting country music on road trips to the desert
  • Googling which national park to go explore next!

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My whole goal is to capture the happiness my client is feeling through my lens.  I love photography because I think there’s very few things better than documenting the best moments in life (maybe lab puppies, but that's it).  Nothing brings me more joy than thinking of all the wonderful people I’ve worked with that will look back on my photos YEARS from now and smile!


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